Behind the façade at Flats Chicago on Clybourn

We’ve recently had a commenter claim to be a resident of Flats Chicago. It’s likely that he’s either a shill or a troll.

Another commenter on the same post, Soon to be Chicagoan, claims he was slated for a November move-in that was delayed, at an unspecified property.

We stopped by 2500 Clybourn yesterday, a Flats Chicago project that we’d been told would be ready for occupancy in early July.

A look behind the fencing at 2500 Clybourn, and a walk around the site, revealed a property that appeared to be in disarray. There were no signs of construction activity, and units that were still awaiting installation of drywall. In mid-September, Starr Plumbing filed suit to foreclose a mechanic’s lien on the property.

If you’re considering a Flats Chicago property you’d be well advised to verify that the unit you’d be renting is complete before signing a lease.


  • Looking for Reporting 5 years

    I think a lot of people are curious about what is going on with the Flats properties. The big local media outlets did stories months ago, but none bothered to do any follow-up. And YoChicago only offers speculation.

    You would think for someone who reports on area real estate it wouldn’t be that hard to visit all of the Flats properties and see if anyone is living there. Or see which, if any, are under construction.

    On the Flats website they now have listings for two buildings – 5411 N. Winthrop and 7722 N. Ashland. I’ve been by 5411 and I have seen workers on site.

    Also, how could they be stalled, when they keep buying properties? Why buy the Lawrence House, if you can’t afford to pay contractors?

    I don’t have the answers, but maybe someone whose job is reporting on real estate could investigate and find out?

    • Been to all the properties, two weeks ago and 2500 more recently. Found people living only at Ashland.