Old Town / Near North Side apartment reviews

Old Town is bounded by Division St (1200 N) on the south, North Ave (1600 N) on the north, Clark St (100 W) on the east and Clybourn Ave and Larrabee St (600 W) on the west.

Old Town is often confused with its more affluent and settled northern neighbor, the Old Town Triangle, which is part of Lincoln Park. In recent years, developers have attempted to extend Old Town to include parts of the Cabrini-Green neighborhood. ZIP code: 60610.

Old Town is bordered on the north by Lincoln Park and Old Town Triangle, on the west by Cabrini-Green and the Near North Side, on the east by Gold Coast, and on the south by Cabrini-Green and the Near North Side.

The Near North Side is bounded by the Chicago River north to North Ave (1600 N), and Lake Michigan west to the Chicago River. The Near North Side includes numerous sub-neighborhoods, each of which probably better describes the area in question: Gold Coast, Old Town, River North, Sandburg Village, Old Town, Streeterville, etc. ZIP codes include 60610, 60611 and 60654.

The Near North Side is bordered on the north by Lincoln Park, on the west by West Town and River West, and on the south by the New East Side and the Loop.

In addition to the reviews, consult our at-a-glance list of Old Town / Near North Side apartments.

The reviews

459 West Division, 459 W Division St, 9 stories, 94 units, 2016 occupancy

Xavier, 625 W Division St, 16 stories, 240 units, 2015 occupancy

NewCity Apartments, 1457 N Halsted St, 19 stories, 199 units, built in 2015

Scott Residences, 211 W Scott St, 5 stories, 71 units, built in 2014

1225 Old Town, 1225 N Wells St, 16 stories, 250 units, built in 2012

SoNo East, 840 W Blackhawk St, 22 stories, 324 units, built in 2012

Cobbler Square, 1350 N Wells St, 295 units, built in 1980s