Quote of the day: Donald uninspired by The Spire

Donald Trump

“It will not be built, unless someone wants to lose four or five hundred million dollars.”

Donald Trump, arguing at today’s news conference outside of Trump International Hotel & Tower that the proposed Chicago Spire will not be built.


  • Not much of a barrier, Donald.

    I’ve never met a real estate developer who minded losing lenders’ and investors’ money. The more money you lose, the greater the fees you can generate in losing it.

  • I clicked on the photo of the Donald and it linked to a very large resolution shot of his hair… more than I probably should have seen!


  • Jane 12 years

    Anyone who buys into a Trump property should not be at all surprised when they get screwed. That is pretty much Donald’s legacy. Also, he is extremely late to the party, always finishing a building right as the real estate market is tanking. The Trump Tower developer (remember, its not Trump’s money) will surely go bankrupt before its all over.

  • Jeffery 12 years

    Well in that case, why did they not include a close-up of his daughter, Ivanka….’peeeoooowwww’!

  • anon 12 years

    Hey Donnie…for $10 my hairdresser can give you great cut and in exchange for the publicity she might not even care about getting a tip!

  • buynowornever 12 years

    what did he mean “lose”? I thought real estate was a no-brainer winner for EVERYONE….