Chicago rental service location lies, Collin Walker edition

Chicago neighborhood boundaries aren’t always etched in stone, so it’s fair to give real estate brokers a bit of latitude when they’re describing a property’s location. That’s especially true if the location has a similar character to the neighborhood in which it’s said to be located.

When a rental service broker describes a property as being “in the heart of the Gold Coast,” it’s fair to assume that the location is indisputably in the Gold Coast neighborhood. When a rental service broker advertises a half-dozen different properties as “in the heart of the Gold Coast” and none of them are within the neighborhood’s boundaries, it’s fair to conclude that the broker is lying.

We’ve previously opined that Chicagoland Property Group’s Collin Walker lies about location and property features in Craigslist ads, and we’ve questioned his opinions on value.

As of yesterday, Walker had Craigslist ads describing six different properties as being “in the heart of the Gold Coast:” Chestnut Tower, The Bernardin, The Chicagoan, The Seneca, Asbury Plaza and 1120 North LaSalle. None of the properties are within the Gold Coast boundaries. One of the properties is advertised as accepting dogs – and it doesn’t.

Collin Walker is the managing broker of Chicagoland Property Group, which we’ve singled out as Chicago’s worst apartment ad spammer at Craigslist.

Help me out here – why would any renter contact a firm that lies to them and spams them mercilessly on Craigslist?

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