Chicagoland Property Group continues to lie in Craigslist apartment ads

Chicagoland Property Group (“CPG”) has been listed on YoChicago’s rental service do-not-call list for years, and is on the current list.

We’ve written repeatedly about the extraordinary volume of apartment ad spam that CPG generates to pollute your experience on Craigslist.

And on several occasions we’ve focused on the blatant dishonesty of Craigslist ads posted by Collin Walker, the firm’s managing broker.

The ad posted above is representative of what you can expect from CPG. The property that’s the subject of the ad does not have racquet ball courts and it doesn’t have an indoor pool. If you think including those features in the ad was an honest mistake, then you’re the ideal sucker that the ad is trying to reach.

You’ll find accurate information about properties in Chicago’s popular lakefront neighborhoods on YoChicago’s reviews and lists, and links to near real-time rent and availability info.

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