Reilly Reports a good read, Reilly ego notwithstanding

We have, on occasion, called attention to what we perceived as arrogant behavior on the part of 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly, and linked to one of his critics. We’ve also suggested that an egregiously haughty approach to development merits being described as Reillyesque.

It’s only fair, therefore, that we take note of something that Ald. Reilly excels at: a weekly email newsletter – Reilly Reports – that’s packed with information about happenings in the 42nd Ward. The current issue is a good read – once you get past Reilly’s self-congratulatory description of how he saved Grant Park.

Other aldermen also publish useful email newsletters. If your Alderman has an email newsletter and you haven’t subscribed to it, you might want to do so. They’re often useful sources of information about neighborhood happenings, from zoning changes to business openings to local events and timely reminders about city services.

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