The two-bedroom bell-curve in 60622

Two-bedroom condos listed and sold in 60622

Two-bedroom condos are the most common types of homes on the market in 60622 (the ZIP for Wicker Park, the East Village, East Humboldt Park, and the southeastern corner of Bucktown) and judging from both the ZIP’s current listings (in blue) and sales activity over the past 12 months (in red), it looks like $300,000 to $400,000 — and especially the $350s to $400,000 — is the heart of the market for these units.

Among past sales and current listings in the two-bedroom market, the $350,001-to-$400,000 range covers anything from 1,200 to 2,400 square feet (it’s hard to tell the exact range, since so many listing agents leave this field blank), and many of the units are located in buildings erected in the past decade. Most of the units are east of Damen Avenue, and a significant number — perhaps a third? — are located south of Division Street.

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