Chicago locators looking for losers

Chicago’s apartment rental services a/k/a finders a/k/a locators are constantly recruiting new leasing agents.

Who do the firms hire? They mostly hire the kind of people described in the above Craigslist ad who are gullible enough to believe they can earn “$50K to $250K your first year” and sufficiently lacking in judgment to believe that they’d be joining “an elite real estate firm.”

Is that the kind of person you want helping you to find your next apartment?

Finding an apartment in Chicago’s lakefront communities is easy – a lot easier than finding a competent rental agent at one of Chicago’s many rental services. You can see all of your apartment options, and a ton of helpful, accurate information in our at-a-glance lists, rental guides and apartment reviews.


  • MK 4 years

    DON’T USE A APARTMENT FINDING SERVICE BUT COME TO MY WEBSITE, yochicago! Where apartment apartment buildings and management companies pay for ad space on a website. Google Joe Zekas. He sounds like a loser.

    • Anyone who can read can see that we list apartments without regard to whether a building has paid to be listed.

      The real losers are the cowards who attack others anonymously, use someone else’s email address to do so, and have no useful information to offer.

      Pay attention, folks – that’s exactly the kind of dishonest behavior you can expect from Chicago’s sleazy rental services.