Sales update: 23 condos left at ParkView

ParkView Condominiums, 505 N McClurg Ct, ChicagoParkView Condominiums hit the ground running in 2010 with 11 sales in the first quarter, enough to make it onto a “most improved” list in an Appraisal Research Counselors report. By June there had been at least 16 sales in the building, including resales; that number has rocketed up to at least 45 (again, including resales). This building’s been busy.

An advertisement for an upcoming brokers open house at ParkView, 505 N McClurg Ct, places the number of unsold developer units remaining at 25. The five condos MCL Companies has listed at the moment range anywhere from the $440s for a 1,053 square-foot one-bedroom to $1.93 million for a top-floor two-bedroom with 3,267 square feet of living space and a 900 square foot terrace. Deeded parking is available for $50,000 to $60,000.


  • old hickory 8 years

    they’re going to have a hard time at $1.93MM on that two bedroom when this is a block away.


    short sale but when you tack on what this place has that 505 doesn’t:

    lower assessments, about 200 more SF, an extra bedroom, 2 side by side spots included and a full extra bathroom…not to mention the outdoor terrace is sizable though probably not 900 SF. but it is a big wrap around corner terrace….and oh yeah, the place is actually finished.

    about the only thing going for 505 is an outdoor pool and a nicer view being on a higher floor/

    it sure seems like you could almost call it even when you factor in the above. i would watch that 530 N Lake Shore before even thinking of making an offer on 505.

  • Alan 8 years

    The terrace is one of the best in the city, but unfortuanetly, the solid wall (cant see through) ruins the views from teh interior of the unit. That small change would sell the unit.