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Comment of the day: move Children's Museum to Logan Square

"See, in Logan Square people would flip out to get a major cultural institution like that - I suspect lots of neighborhoods would also appreciate the [...]

Comment of the day: the North Shore's "dirty little secret"

"It's long been one of those 'dirty little secrets :-)' among Realtors and others in-the-know that not all of the North Shore is…well, the 'North Shor [...]

Comment of the day: Wicker Park becoming Lincoln Park west

"If you've been over in Wicker Park in, say, the last FIVE YEARS, you'd know that it is quickly becoming an extension of Lincoln Park west past the Ke [...]

Comment(s) of the day: retail spaces in condo buildings need "real tenants"

"I believe that the retail is actually two restaurants / bars. I applaud the developer getting real tenants and not nail salons." - Alan, commenting [...]
Comment of the day: Edgewater is Chicago's Miami Beach

Comment of the day: Edgewater is Chicago's Miami Beach

"Exactly, UptownR - that whole stretch of Sheridan, roughly between Foster and Devon, was meant to resemble the Miami oceanfront when the developers [...]

Comment of the day: Wicker Park housing price increases don't tell whole story

"I'm sure most YoChicago readers are cognizant of this, but these numbers should be reviewed with a grain of salt. The single-family homes that sold i [...]

Comment of the day: We can't predict home prices based on history

"The historicals really mean nothing in this case, however. Chicago is not the same city that it was 50, 40, 30, or even 10 years ago. We cannot predi [...]

Comment of the day: homebuyers will wax nostalgic for masonry construction

"One hundred years from now (after the Great DeHydrocarbonation, World War III, and the initiation of Martian colonies), people traveling to "historic [...]

Comment of the day: Hey, analyst, leave my home alone!

"I hate all of this 'sellers are being greedy,' or 'sellers haven't figured it out yet' kind of talk. I would expect anyone selling their home to try [...]

Comment of the day: people in glass houses…

"Division St. is home to a ton of modern new developments just like this. I think it's great. I wouldn't throw stones from it but it's great." - Stok [...]

Comment of the day: the young and credit-crunched

"My knowledge comes from working with buyers on the North Side of Chicago over the past several years! I can't speak for a 'majority' of Lake View hom [...]

Comment of the day: a "buyer's remorse" market

"You could call the current market primarily a 'buyer's remorse' market. Once reality finally kicks in, prices will eventually stabilize and the recov [...]

Comment(s) of the day: 2 views of 18th and Michigan

"...In the next 5 years, my guess is appreciation will do little to counter the negatives of this desolate stretch, for me anyway. I've had owners com [...]

Comment of the day: mismanaging growth

"And here I thought that with the relentless growth of our 'property tax base' the City was supposed to be in great fiscal shape. The lesson here is y [...]

Comment of the day: the Loop is for living

"The conventional wisdom is completely obsolete, folks – there is no part of the Loop that will ever again be strictly for offices – it’s all one big [...]

Comment of the day: Chicago 'infeasible' without public transit

"Chicago is a completely infeasible entity without the "L", Metra, and bus system. Take these away, and watch our downtown density plummet. The CTA an [...]

Comment of the day: Chicago is worth it

"Cmon Chicago is worth it! We have the BEST public schools. There are only 24 bums in the WHOLE city. Crime is WAY down, that Linc Pk sex offender isn [...]

Comment of the day: a million bucks ought to buy some wiggle room

"Real estate is expensive, I know. But when I think of a million dollar home I don't think of high density pack-em-in kind of housing developments. Ma [...]

Comment of the day: knock 'em down!

"The one historical tradition that should be held on to above all others says that this is the city of big shoulders. Here we put things up, knock the [...]

Comment of the day: the right kind of retail?

"This trend towards avoiding restaurants and clubs in newer retail is a bit concerning, no? Where are all these yuppies going to dine out, and where [...]
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