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Best bakery name

Colorado can have its punny Baked in Telluride--a clever name for a bakery in the legendary ski town that is also known for its neo-hippies and their [...]

Bucktown bistros

If it's trendy, you know it's going to show up in Bucktown/Wicker Park in droves. This year it's the wine cafe, offering lots of small plates to shar [...]
Curtain call for Gold Coast theater?

Curtain call for Gold Coast theater?

YoChicago's Hank from Ye Old Town Triangle reports: The Village Theatre is up for lease! Uh oh. The Village is one of the few remaining small movie h [...]
The Walgreens amendment to the Chicago city charter

The Walgreens amendment to the Chicago city charter

This just in from our man "The Bench" in Irving Park: When the Mobil station at the corner of Irving Park Road and Pulaski Road was bulldozed in late [...]

In Chicago, home is where the hearth is

The advent of home theater rooms is apparently helping the traditional, romantic fireplace to stage a comeback in the living room after being banishe [...]

A Chicago architecture buff's Christmas

If you are sticking around Chicago for the holidays and find yourself bereft of family and friends or have just decided to bah-humbug the silly season [...]

Too hot to handle

A customer at a major chain book store in the Loop today was complaining about everything that passed before her eyes. Flipping to the author's page o [...]

CTA criticized over brown line upgrade

The CTA is frustrating residents near Belmont and Fullerton el stops with its lack of a timetable for the stations' upgrades, as part of the Brown Lin [...]
A ruby in the rough – West Loop clubbing

A ruby in the rough – West Loop clubbing

When a neighborhood starts sprouting Starbucks franchises you know it's well on its way to gentrification. So what exactly does the appearance of a $ [...]

Old Lincoln Square

The venerable Old Town School of Folk Music threw its annual holiday party Sunday night at Martyrs', which is about a mile down Lincoln Avenue from th [...]

West Loop to get new condo highrise

Residents in the West Loop have been fending off highrise buildings in favor of lofts and mid-rises for some time now but there is always the exceptio [...]

Tough love for Rogers Park

In Chicago, we love our neighborhoods. Some of us show it in the form of "tough love." Check out the "Broken Heart" of Rogers Park. [...]

New-home sales slip, fall, spring leaks, slump, weaken, erode

Your head will spin from a dizzying array of metaphors as Crain's Chicago Business surveys the state of the new construction market in Chicago. The t [...]

Single-family homes slated for old Chicago iron company site

You know it now as the old site of the Chicago Bridge and Iron Company, but soon hundreds of people might be calling the stretch of land at 105th Stre [...]

Hot chocolate choices

It's a dilemma as old as the Free Gift Wrapping With Any Purchase offer. You're shopping downtown, last minute, shivering to the bone, and all you wan [...]
Park Boulevard ground-breaking

Park Boulevard ground-breaking

Yesterday was just another Thursday to most people in Chicago, but it was a pretty big deal for former residents of Stateway Gardens, the Chicago Hous [...]
Chicago woman Trumped on "The Apprentice"

Chicago woman Trumped on "The Apprentice"

We'd hire you Rebecca. We thought you were a class act on crutches. For those of you scratching your heads, YoChicago is referring to 23-year-old fina [...]

Browsing the neighborhoods

If you're in the mood (and who isn't?) to browse photos of Chicago neighborhoods, head on over to SkyscraperCity.com. This thread features some reall [...]

The Air & Baseball Show?

The venerable Studs Terkel, lucid and feisty as ever at 93, spoke to a jam-packed room full of admirers at The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square on Thursd [...]
North Town Park gets the nod

North Town Park gets the nod

If you thought the creation of North Town Village, which replaced the former Cabrini-Green public housing development, was a staggering transformation [...]
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