Streeterville’s best apartments, a recap

Renters have too many differing priorities – and budget constraints – to make singling out an overall best building anything but a fool’s errand.

We’ve spotlighted the best Streeterville apartment buildings on each of 18 different criteria to make it easier for you to identify the one that’s best for you, based on the factors you prioritize. The following is a recap of our individual posts on these criteria.


  • Views. Axis
  • Grocery shopping convenience. Axis
  • Public transit access. Optima Center
  • Close to parks, beaches. 850 Lake Shore Drive
  • Proximity to the expressway grid. No selection
  • Walking distance to the Loop. Optima Center
  • Most dining, nightlife nearby. The Chatelaine, The Seneca, 211 East Delaware, Optima Center
  • Retail shopping. The Chatelaine, The Seneca, 211 East Delaware, Optima Center
  • Building features

  • Affordability. 211 East Delaware, The Chatelaine, McClurg Court
  • Amenities package. 500 Lake Shore Drive
  • Boutique ambiance. 850 Lake Shore Drive
  • Pet-friendly. 500 Lake Shore Drive
  • Apartment features

  • Apartment finishes and features. 500 Lake Shore Drive
  • Private outdoor space. Cityfront Place, The Streeter, Streeter Place
  • Studio / convertible floor plan. Cityfront Place, Streeter Place
  • One-bedroom floor plan. Lots of competition; no selection
  • Two-bedroom floor plan. 860 Dewitt, The Streeter, Streeter Place
  • Three-bedroom floor plan. No selection
  • Chime in with a comment if you disagree with our selections.

    You’ll find links to our objective, visually-rich apartment reviews of Streeterville buildings, and links to near real-time availability checks for most of the buildings, at our Near North at-a-glance list, and some tips and advice at our Guide to renting in Streeterville.

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